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Sea Urchins of Nusa Dua

Sea urchins are one of beautiful marine creatures that come in many sizes and colors. They are non-aggressive and may be found all over the world in the shallow, rocky bottoms, or between the sea grasses. Sea urchins are also infamous for their venomous spines that often accidentally injured people on the beach. But the fact is most of sea urchins are not venomous. The venomous urchins are characterized by the long sharp spine such in the family Diadematidae or the bright fiery color as present in the fire urchin. On my trip to Nusa Dua, Bali, I encountered several species of urchins. Some look dangerous, but some are so pretty.
Cake Urchin Cake urchins or collector urchins (Tripneustes gratilla) are not venomous. They are edible and in some part of the world their gonads (mistakenly known as “urchin’s roe”) are considered as delicacy. This urchin is also exploited in Bali. Scientific reports from Indonesian Scientific Institusion (LIPI) stated that the cake urchins population in Bali i…

Preventing & Treating Sea Urchin Puncture Injury

Sea urchins are commonly present on shallow rocky area. Although most of them are not venomous, some species of long-spined and fire urchins are. So here are some precautionary steps to avoid urchin sting injury and measures to treat it: 
PreventionDo not walking barefoot on the intertidal shallow rocky area. The long-spined urchins often hide in the rock/ coral crevices.Look carefully when exiting the ocean, particularly in areas that are rocky, have coral, or ironshore coral. If an exit is covered with urchins, try to pick an alternate exit to avoid injury.
Sea Urchins Puncture Symptoms •A puncture injury from a sea urchin can cause swelling and redness around the area, which may lead to severe pain and infection. •Multiple deep puncture wounds may cause more serious symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, muscle aches, shock, etc.  Treatments •Immerse the affected area for 30-90 minutes in water as hot as the injured person can tolerate. Repeat as necessary to control pain. •Use twe…


My first introduction to the intertidal wildlife was some sort of an accident. I was looking for the sunrise in Nusa Dua Beach, Bali. Instead of sunrise, I found many sea stars and other echinoderms as well as pretty sea slugs. They’re so amazing and I totally forgot about the sunrise. Then for 4 days I strolled around the beach and found so many magnificent marine critters. I couldn’t swim, so never before in my life that I had dreams of seeing all these beauties that I’ve only seen on the Discovery Channel or the National Geographic. So please note that none of the pictures herein are diving or snorkeling photos.

Nusa Dua Beach is a very rich ecosystem, so I will have separate posts based on their types. In the meantime, here are some of the pictures I took from the trip:
Sea Star It was still dark and this is one of the sea star I found on the beach, a Pentaceraster mammilatus. Well, I googled the Latin name and the search for Pentaceraster mammilatus matched the description of this g…


I live in Indonesia, a tropical country. However, I used to not much of a beach person for I just can’t stand the intense heat of the beach. That was the main reason when my best friend and I decided that we would do a “cultural trip” only and promised to avoid the beaches on my first trip to Bali on February 2011. (Can you believe it? We went to BALI, the Island of Gods, which is famous for its great beaches and not planning to see any beach?) Well, apparently Bali had a different plan for me. It’s like fate, my first time to Bali was actually the beginning of another 4 Bali trips on the 2011 alone. From then on, I just fall in love with Bali and its beautiful beaches, particularly the intertidal ones.

Intertidal Beach

Intertidal beaches are rich ecosystems for marine wildlife. They are the place where organisms live between the low and high tide. The intertidal area of sea grass or rocky reef will be exposed at the low tide and thus available for observation without diving or snorkelin…

Nusa Dua: Where the Journey Began

I was assigned for a business meeting in Bali last year. I recalled from an article in my school book that Nusa Dua was described as the beach where the elderly goes due to its calm waves and sunrise spot. What an understatement, this beach is splendid for all ages! It has a long shoreline with glorious golden sand and calm crystal clear water; safe for swimming.
At first, my expectation was just to attend the meeting and relaxing on the beach afterward. They have some nice beach cocoons like these: 

Ha… I know you wanna go there too!
The hotel is located in the Bali Tourism Development Centre's (BTDC) complex where the international conferences and summit meetings held. That’s why this complex is a relatively sterile tourist enclave.
The meeting went on for 3 days from 8.30 am to 4 pm, and every time I got the chance, I just rushed to the beach or the poolside. Life’s good…

On the second day, I felt like to catch the sunrise, so I got up at 4.30 am and walked to the beach. It…